Apps & Software


SmartMusic is the ultimate tool for playing and practicing at home. You play your band music with the computer as it plays a metronome click, your part, and the rest of the Band’s parts. The notes then light up green if correct or red if incorrect, and you get to listen to yourself perform. This software also includes a tuner and a metronome.

Needs a computer with speakers and a microphone, internet access, and costs $40 per year. Highly recommended!! Click here for more on SmartMusic.


Mr. Glynn recommends the following apps over any others:

Tuner: “Tonal Energy”tonalenergy

Tuners listen to the note played on an instrument and show if it is flat, sharp, or in tune. Very handy for the aspiring musician’s at-home playing. This is the most versatile tuner (which also includes a metronome). When the note is in tune, a green smiley face lights up – very fun! You can also generate tones and practice by listening to what your instrument is supposed to sound like.

Metronome: “Tempo”tempo

Metronomes are time keeping devices – very handy for practicing along with at home.

Metronome: “Super Metronome”

This one makes cool drum beats instead of clicking sounds.

Finger Charts: “Fingering”fingering

A fingering chart for all wind and brass instruments.