Private Lessons

An essential part of any successful music program is a strong private lesson program with professional musician-educators teaching students one-on-one. Unlike tutoring for other subjects, private lessons are not needed just for those students that may be struggling; they are for every student. Private lessons are a chance for your student to have lessons with a specialist on their instrument and have instruction that is geared specifically for each student. In class, we are not able to give your child individualized attention as much as we would like. Students that may be struggling can get the extra help to improve, but the average-to-advanced players can get instruction to advance further, keep them challenged outside of class, and will become musical leaders during class. Students who plan to audition for Central Districts, or who are in the Jazz Band, should especially be taking private lessons with one of our professionals. Please contact Mr. Lanctot to learn more.

Professional Teachers

Woodwinds:  Mr. George Weithman

Brass:  Mr. Kenneth Arsenault

Mr. Arsenault received a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from the State University College of New York at Fredonia in 1971.  He earned a Master’s degree in brass performance in 1974.  Ken taught Instrumental Music in Batavia City Schools in Batavia, NY, for eight years.  While teaching in Batavia, Ken was Principal Trumpet in the Genesee Symphony.  In 1979, his family moved to Townsend, MA, where Ken taught Instrumental Music at Hawthorne Brook Middle School from 1979 until his retirement in 2007.

While teaching full-time in Townsend, Ken performed with the Nashua Symphony, Indian Hill Orchestra, Symphony Pro Musica, and has been a principal member of the Townsend Military Band for 31 years.  Since 2007, Ken has been a part-time music educator in the Nashua City Schools and has also served as the PPPM professional brass teacher.

Percussion:  Mr. George Farrell


Low Brass: